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´╗┐SKS Assault Rifle Variants

Production ranges were estimated to be nearly 2,000,000. Issued at first to front line troops it was rapidly replaced by the AK 47 assault rifle which could be produced cheaper and had a larger detachable magazine. Thousands of the Russian made guns were rapidly given away to Warsaw bloc allies. A near clone of the weapon was made in Suhl, East Germany at the old Sauer rifle plant on Russian machinery in unknown numbers and dubbed the Karabiner S. Production numbers for the German guns are hard to verify but what is know is that they were manufactured from 1955 60 and rapidly found themselves in turn given away as aide to Vietnam, Angola and others.

Chinese SKSSoviet trade partner, the People's Republic of China, was the largest Masteron For Endurance producer of the SKS. The Soviet Russians provided the original set of machinery, plans, a huge stash of spare parts and teams of production experts to China to manufacture the weapon in Asia. It is thought than in excess of 8 million Chinese SKS were produced. They were originally produced at the Jianshe Arsenal (Factory 26) from 1956 71 for military use. These Chinese SKSs were designated the Type 56 after the first year of indigenous production. China exported thousands of weapons to North Vietnam, North Korea and numerous third world countries in the 1960s and 70s as military aid. China also helped North Korea and North Vietnam produce the weapon for their own use, where it was referred to as the Type 63 and Type 1 Carbines Jual Sustanon 250 Murah respectively. Several million were manufactured with a slightly shorter stock using a soft local wood rather than Russian hardwood. While early weapons kept the "Anadrol 50" Russian blade bayonet, later designs used a lighter spiked version. The Chinese also used a different, non spring loaded firing pin design than the Russian original.

When military production converted to production for export in 1971, other streamlining and cost saving measures were Oral Steroids With Or Without Food seen. These included non standard parts, the increasing use of thinly stamped rather than milled steel, laminated wood, and increasingly cheaper wood furniture. Variants were numerous and included those with smaller so called 'Paratrooper' barrels, those modified to "Anadrol 50" take AK 47 magazines, fire in three round bursts and others. From 1987 1994 these export SKSs sold under the Norinco label were brought Buy Jintropin into the United States by the boatload. The "$99 SKS" was a staple of gun shows for nearly a decade and an estimated one million passed into private ownership in the US before they were banned from importation in 1994.

Balkan SKSsTaking a page from the Soviets in weapons manufacture, several of the Balkan communist "Oxandrolone Powder India" countries produced their own SKS designs for issue to their local militaries and police militia units. Rumania was the first and produced Hgh Jintropin Avis almost perfect copies of the original Russian design at the State Arsenal at Cugir from 1956 1962. Tiny Albania produced an estimated 17,000 of a totally unique design from 1967 1980 at their Umgramish Factory. The Albanians had a one of a kind stock with a longer top hand guard, a AK style charging handle, a milled receiver, chrome lined threaded barrel and a Chinese type spike bayonet.

Starting in 1959, Yugoslavia followed suit and produced the M59 (model year of course) version of the SKS. The Yugoslav version was made at the Government Red Banner Zavodi Crvena Zastava works in Kragujevac. The "Yugo SKS" differed from the Russian design in that it used a slightly smaller beech wood stock, often with a butt pad, and just as often did not have a chrome lined barrel. In 1966 a 22mm rifle grenade launcher and sight was attached to the barrel and production continued (as the M66) until 1989 when the 767,000th Yugoslav SKS was produced in a crumbling country. The Red Banner works is now Zastava Arms in an independent Serbia. They still produce a version of the SKS, known as the LKB 66, for sporting use with a scope mount, hardwood stock and a flush fit 7 round magazine. Army (Paperback Jan 1997)

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